The UK’s most trusted airlines British Airways are now considering using some of their long-haul passenger jets on European routes once the government lifts travel restrictions.

Prior to the pandemic, British Airways used it’s fleet of smaller Airbus A300-series aircraft on short haul flight routes, while the larger wide body jets concentrated on its long haul routes, for example crossing the Atlantic or Pacific.

However, it is understood BA would consider using some of its Boeing 777s and Airbus A350s in servicing European routes, primarily because they have twice the capacity of the smaller jets and can get more travellers from A to B.

British Airways plane
BA set to use big planes on short flights

With most of Europe desperate to see tourism rise back to what it once was before COVID, it wouldn’t be a surprise if other in-demand Airlines did the same with their fleets.

The move from BA is not set in stone, and the full plan won’t be confirmed until the restrictions are lifted, but the consideration is the long haul fleet will start being used in service for the short haul routes.

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