2020 was a strange year for travel. 2021 and a surge in vaccine rollouts have given us plenty of hope that travel can somewhat be lured into normality. But the simple truth is that it’s hard to predict the unpredictable. While some countries see themselves in national lockdowns, others are slowly trying to to return to what they once where.

Many governments have listed guideline rules which eventually allow for free-flowing travel to resume, and therefore people have started to plan and book holidays – but restrictions are still likely to be in place. Let’s take a look a what those restrictions and obstacles are likely to be.

You may need a vaccine to travel

Many countries have started to rollout ‘vaccine passports’, which essentially mean that unless you’ve been officially vaccinated from COVID-19, you may not have full access to travel. Countries that have currently enforced that rule worldwide are the following: Belize, Cyprus, Estonia, Georgia, Iceland, Lebanon, Lithuania, Poland, Romania, Seychelles, Slovenia, Thailand

Testing could be compulsory

Depending on where you are going, or travelling from, you might need to provide a negative COVID-19 test result, or face a hefty fine. This could complicate travel arrangements as results can take days in some cases to be determined.

Area of travel could have local restrictions

While you may have done your research and identified the best place to travel to, you won’t fully know the level of restriction, until you arrive. Best thing to do is to either look on Social Media at locations, or try contact restaurants, bars and so on ahead of time to see just how restricted local areas are.

Refunds are still owed from pandemic

Given that some companies are still owing customers refunds now for close to half a year, you might feel like your money in a booking isn’t exactly safe. While many have cashed in on refunds and vouchers from agents and airlines, it is said up to £1billion is still owed to travellers all across the globe.

You might not get the coverage you want from insurers

If your travel plans get cancelled because of government restrictions or a change in Foreign Office (FCDO) advice and your holiday company will not refund you – it’s extremely unlikely that your existing travel insurance will pay out (unless your holiday and policy were arranged before March).

You may be stuck in quarantine

Whether you’ll be directed to quarantine on arrival from or to your destination – there’s a good chance you’ll be required to stay indoors in quarantine for up to two weeks. This has been a big reason for many choosing not to travel.

The outlook

While we’ve named a host of reasons why travelling may get complicated – the simple truth is it’s almost a case-by-case basis. Do your research, study locations and destinations, as well as communities within. Book packages, as you’ll likely get a better deal and have better coverage in case things go wrong. As well as that, do the simple things like finding the cheapest deals. Primeflights can help with that, as we search across thousands of flights to find you the cheapest.

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